Please join me at my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. Here are some of my best sellers!

original-217293-1 Sub Tub & Binder System: Have you ever waited until the last minute to get your sub plans together, then only to have something come up and you are left in a panic? As a teacher, it is much easier to go to work with the flu than to gather your plans for your sub.. Worry no more! I have the solution for you.. a sub tub! A sub tub can make your life much easier on the days you don’t feel so well. You can rest easy at home knowing that your beloved kiddos are well taken care of by a sub that knows exactly what to do.






original-728977-1 A Teacher’s Guide to Math Workshop/Guided Math: Have you wanted to join in on all the guided math fun but are not sure how to get started? This 100+ page guide is intended for teachers who want to learn more about implementing the guided math/math workshop model in their classroom. This file does not contain actual math lessons, but it is a great instructional resource. This file goes through step-by-step procedures of how I have made it work for me for the past three years. It also includes photos and files of my classroom, things I use in my classroom, and resources that you can download. Basically, I took all the information I would normally deliver to a workshop class, and typed it out for you in the format of a guide.





Close Reading with Constructed Response Seat Work/Home Work Bundle: Enough for the entire year (and more)! Each day students will be required to complete a different task. By the end of the week, students will have a constructed response complete with a restated question, answer in their own words, evidence to support their answer, and an explanation that supports their answer/evidence.

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