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Here you will find information regarding the guided math model I use in my classroom.  I have a guided math series on my blog that you can find by clicking the links below.  I will also post any new information here as well.  I know guided math and math workshop are some new ideas that many are trying to incorporate in their math instruction as well as the Daily 5 for math.  Please visit this page often for instructional resources, updates, ideas, and {FREE} templates.

In my Guided Math Series, I discuss my math calendar.  You can download it here.  It has been updated to include two different types of editable templates so you can adjust them to your needs.

I have finally completed my Math Workshop guide.  It contains 100+ pages of explanations and free downloads of how I use math workshop in my classroom.  It’s a great investment if you are wanting to incorporate the math workshop / guided math model in your classroom.  Here is what others are saying about it.

“Thank you so much for this! I love that you’ve included pictures and so many great explanations.”

“This is a great resource! I will be in my second year of teaching 4th grade and was looking for a new approach to teach my students. This is a great place to start! Thanks for creating!”

“WOW! Thank you so much!!! I have been searching for something like this and been so disappointed until now!!!”

“I thought this was a very good purchase. I knew I wanted to do a math workshop this year, but did not know where to even begin getting it started. This had a lot of great ideas that got my mind going on how I wanted to incorporate math workshop in my class.”

“YOU ARE MY HERO! I called my teaching partner after I read through this guide SCREAMING about how excited I am for math workshop. I made her read it right then. She called me ten minutes later and joined me with my excitement. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS DETAILED GUIDE! YOU ROCK!”

You can access it by clicking the image below.



Guided Math: Part I

Do you every wonder how to fit all the components of guided math into one math block?  How about how to make the process as efficient as possible for you students?  Well, in Part 1 of my guided math series, I discuss classroom setup and the components {whole group, small groups, calendar, workstations} I use in my classroom.  Check it out!


Guided Math: Part II

I’ve always struggled with grouping my students into the necessary groups for guided math instruction.  I have finally found a way that I am completely happy with.  And the great part is… their groups change every week!  Read about how I group and what my typical guided math schedule looks like here.


Guided Math: Part III

Perhaps the most asked about component of guided math that I use in my classroom are my workstations.  Everyone is always curious as to what I use as my stations and where I get them from.  Read more about that here.


Guided Math: Part IV

My favorite part of guided math is my math calendar I use in my classroom.  I have totally created this myself and adjusted it to work with what I need.  I have a detailed post about all the specifics of math calendar as well as a link where you can download it.


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