Student Conferences in a Digital World

Are you a paper & pencil kind of teacher? I am, too! But I’m trying real hard not to be. First of all, I can’t keep up with it all! By the end of the day, my desk looks like a paper twister came by and dropped a load! I know you can relate!

Today I am going to share one of the ways I am trying to become 100% digital. You can use this resource with a laptop or Chromebook, and all you need is a free Google account.


Do you conference with students and take notes? I do, I do! Do you spend a lot of time scribbling notes that you sometimes can’t read later? Me, too! Me, too! Have you ever tried digital conferencing notes? I used this exact template today and saved a lot of time that was spent giving feedback to my students.

Yesterday, I had them work on identifying the main idea independently. This is a skill we have been working on for several weeks. I wanted to see how they would do and wanted some feedback on who still needed some guidance. I looked through the papers and placed them in stacks based on what they struggled with. I found four different themes throughout the papers. #1- Got it! #2- Lacking Details! #3- Sentence Structure! #4- Statement Form.


I then called them back one group at a time while they worked on their main idea study guides at their seats. I wanted a record of our meeting, so I whipped up this Google Docs to type my notes. Super easy and efficient! I was able to spend less time writing and more time conferencing. **It is better if you have a laptop or Chromebook to have with you at your conferences.**


Would you like a copy? Just click on the picture or follow the link below. It will automatically make a copy for you.


screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-9-19-20-pm Click Here to Download


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