How to Leave on Time Each Day!

Well…. almost each day. I’ll tell you what I mean a little later.

I want to share a secret with you! Are you tired of working late hours day after day? Want YOUR life back? How would you like to leave on time each day?


Y’all, I love what I do! I really do! But I also love MY life and MY family! I don’t want to get to retirement and realize that I missed out on a lot because of my profession. Students need us, but so do our families.


Today I’m going to share how I utilize my time each day to leave on time! You’re going to love this!


First of all, choose one day to work late. Yep, only one day a week! I usually try to leave on the day I choose no later than 2hrs. after my students are released. That puts me leaving around 4:45 which isn’t too bad in my opinion. But when you work late this one day, you have really got to hustle it! Make a to-do list of what you want to accomplish.


You should really make a to-do list each day! Check those things off, feel accomplished… you deserve it!



Now for my other secret! Don’t spend your free time chatting or sitting around filing your nails! I love to chat with my team mates, but that’s what lunch is for! I have a 50 minute planning time plus an additional 45 minutes after the students go home each day. I try to reserve my planning time for grading (when I don’t have a meeting). I reserve my afternoon time once the kids are gone for planning. If you find you are super tired at the end of the day, switch it around and plan first then grade later.


I also have a schedule I try to use each week.

Monday– post to website, Remind, contact parents, create assessment(s) for the week

Tuesday– Start pulling resources I may want to use. I make a list of all the resources I want to use and place them in the ‘Next Week’ folder.



Wednesday– This is the day I plan with my team. It’s usually pretty quick since I already have all my resources pulled. Once I finalize my resources, I place them in the ‘To-Copy’ folder.

Thursday-Take ‘To-Copy’ to copy room… so easy! Make word lists or additional resources as needed.

Friday– Take copies and place them in labeled days of the week drawers for the next week.

On Monday, I start all over again! Do you have a system that you live by? I’d love to hear about it below!


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