Must-Have Professional Reads for the ELA Classroom

Do you like to read PD books? I’m a PD guru! The one thing that has made the most impact on my teaching is PD reading. I LOVE reading PD books with ideas and strategies that I can take right back to my classroom! Some of these books have really changed the way I teach and the way I think about teaching.

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Below each  ‘blurb’ I have included my Amazon affiliate link if you are interested in purchasing the book for your very own reading. All though I am including my affiliate links, the opinions are totally mine and I wanted to write this post!

There are some really GREAT teachers out there. I would like to consider myself one. Guess what these teachers didn’t do?!? They didn’t sit around and teach the same way year after year! Times change and so does teaching. The research that goes along with education also changes. So why do we have teachers who never pick up a PD book? I know there are teachers out there who have not read a PD book since college. You are not one of those! You are reading my blog which means you are actively looking for things to do in your classroom. So you may not read an entire book, but you are reading SOMETHING! That counts!

So what have all these GREAT teachers done to make them so great? One thing is read. Have you ever read a PD book and just sat in awe over how amazing the ideas are and just how wonderful it will be when you transform your classroom? All of the books I will talk about have done this for me. Some have not and you will not find them here! Here are my top 4 right now (in no order)!


Vocabulary is something that most of my students struggle with. I started using the strategies in this book immediately after I read it. I bought a few supplies, but was able to implement on day #1 of school. For more information on what I loved about this book, check out my posts HERE.

Can you tell that I LOVE this book?
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It is organized by skill and offers some great instructional strategies that you can use right in your classroom with little or no prep. I got so much from this text that it absolutely blows my mind! Almost every page is like this. Can you tell that I like paper books and not ebooks??

This is my current read. So far it is really good and offers a deeper understanding of guided reading and how to really up your game. At first, I wasn’t going to read it because I already know a lot about guided reading (why is important, how to group, etc.). However, I’m so glad I decided to give it a go. Even though I already know a lot, I feel that it still gives me instructional and organizational ideas that I can use next year.

This is what is SO HOT right now! If you purchase this book and look through it, you will understand why. Did I mention there is a Facebook group just for this book where teachers share resources and videos?!? Many are taking it to their office supply store and getting it spiral bound so they can use it like a Teacher’s Edition. If you purchase this book, you will use it EVERY day! It goes over every reading skill you can imagine then gives strategies to use so you can help your students. It also had anchor charts and tons of pictures for each skill. It’s a little pricey, but I promise that you won’t regret it!
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