Integrating Reading & Social Studies

integrating reading and ss

Do you try to integrate other content areas in your ELA block? I am constantly trying to check with my science and social studies teachers to see what is going on in their class. I’ll try to include some reading passages or even vocabulary/morphology words to study. Social studies is a huge struggle for my 5th grade students. In Georgia, fifth graders have so many history standards they must learn.

In an effort to help my students, I try to really incorporate those standards with some of my reading skills. One way I do this is by my history task cards. My first set focused only on main idea and covered World War I & The Roaring Twenties. My second set focused on a variety of informational reading skills and covered The Great Depression & The New Deal. My most recent set focuses on some parts of World War II. There are several standards for World War II, so I divided it into two different sets. All three sets are geared towards grades 3rd-6th. Here are the basics of all three sets.


The additional resources you need are very basic. Basically all you have to do is print the cards on bright, fun paper, laminate and cut the cards, have your recording sheets ready, and then place the supplies in an easy to reach basket.


My students like to interact with the cards by highlighting/writing right on the laminated cards. To do this, you will need thin Expo markers and light color chisel point Expo markers for highlighting.


Here’s an example of the cards in use.

These task cards are some super fun ways to get your students involved and engaged in learning. They are super short but contain enough information to keep your students engaged and get the point across. If you are interested you can click the links below! 🙂

Main Idea Task Cards: World War I & The Roaring Twenties

Close Reading Task Cards: The Great Depression & The New Deal

Close Reading Task Cards: World War II, Set #1

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