Word Nerds: Chapter 5

Chapter 5 was packed full of different activities you can do in your classroom other than the boring write the definition and use your word correctly in a sentence! They were all great ideas, but some of them I liked more than the others.
Here are some I am planning on using in my classroom this year!
  • Scramble! {or human concept map}: Have students pair up with some type of connection to each other’s word. When the teacher says “scramble!” you mix it up!
  • Word Charades: Act out {with or without words} a skit that portrays your word… my 5th graders will love this!
  • Vocabulary Rap: Students create a rap about their word to help them and others remember the word.

Vocabulary Rap is probably one of my favorites that was mentioned. I am most remembered by my students as the teacher who would sing some crazy stuff! I sing songs, I make up songs, I act silly! It’s fun and it gives the students a chance to see that you are human and can have fun! Too many students are afraid of their teachers! LOL  Although… my singing may scare them 🙂
I love that this book mentioned Flocabulary.com! I am {IN LOVE} with this site and have requested a year subscription for all my students! It’s great for ALL subjects… not just ELA. The best thing is that the raps are totally cool (not corny) and the students love them… and remember them!
I also love that this chapter did a small focus on speaking & listening. This is a goal I’ve had since last year. I want to focus on our Speaking & Listening standards more than what we have in the past. I want to remind my students DAILY that the way they speak & listen is important.
I have created these cute and easy posters for your classroom that can be printed on bright paper and hung on the wall. I can’t wait to get mine up!

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Word Nerds
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    Mrs. Shepherd
    July 20, 2015 at 3:10 pm

    Love the Word Nerds books! So, many great ideas and I plan on implementing it as well into my 4th grade classroom this coming school year. I also love Flocabulary. I've used it a lot for Social Studies. Hope you will stop by my blog and read my reflections of Word Nerds.

    Shepherd's Shining Stars

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