My Literacy Schedule

Let me tell you, moving from teaching 2 classes and having over 2 hours for each to teaching 4 classes with only 70 minutes for each has been stressful. I’ve been brainstorming all summer how I’m going to get it all done. I honestly am still not 100% sure, but I have started having some type of idea.

Notice the BIG purple writing at the bottom… yeah… I’m still trying to figure that out!
There are certain things that I absolutely will not do away with like independent reading, read alouds, and seat work. I introduced seat work last year about half way, and it totally saved my sanity.
I NEVER had an issue with students getting busy right away. They use the entire passage all week and do different things to their writing each day. Some weeks are literary and some are informational. They were always eager to see what type of passage they were getting on Mondays. You can check it out here.
I’m still working on how everything is going to work and how much time I’m going to devote to each part (read alouds, mini-lessons, writing, grammar, independent reading).
  • Seat work (7 minutes, set timer)
  • Vocabulary (most on Monday)
  • Read aloud
  • Reading Skill (linked with read aloud)


  • Grammar (Day 1 (Tues.): Intro/Anchor; Day 2 (Wed.): Practice; Day 3 (Thurs.): Individual/Group (as needed)


  • Writing (Day 1: Anchor/Mentor Text/Model; Day 2: Practice)
  • Informational Writing will be done mostly in science & social studies


  • Continue to assess reading skills on Friday (bi-weekly)
  • Spelling/vocabulary Assessments (bi-weekly/alternate weeks)
  • Vocabulary Cycle: 10 days, 2 weeks
  • Grammar (Tues/Wed/Thurs)
  • Writing (Thurs/Fri)

And the question still lingers…

This is something I will still need to think about. Do you all have any questions about my schedule or when I’m going to do certain things? Comment below and I’ll answer them.

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  • Reply
    Lena Troxtell
    July 15, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    I think this sounds like a great schedule! What mentor text do you use for writing? Are their any TPT or other products you love for writing? Thanks!


  • Reply
    Terri Thornton
    July 15, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    I don't know any *favorites* off hand, but I just look through books and find books that have a good beginning, develop the character, etc… really just whatever skill we are working on I try to find a book that sets a good example. I don't really know of any resources on TpT. Writing is so challenging to teach and the way it is assessed has changed so much. I try to tie it in with reading as much as possible. We do an informational storyboard when we talk about informational texts that serve as our information writing sample. Just things like that! Sorry I couldn't be of more help. A 4th grade teacher LOVES Razzle Dazzle Writing. I don't use it though because she does. All my students have a already seen it 🙂 You can find it on

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