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Hey, y’all! I’m back again {finally} for Favorite Pins Friday. To be honest, I haven’t had much time to blog or pin for that matter! If I am off work, I’m chasing around two boys! I just love those boys 🙂 They keep me moving!

I have been pinning a lot of clothes lately! My very first Stitch Fix has been scheduled and shipped. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I did go online and click on the ‘checkout’ link to view what I was sent. I know, I know… I can’t take surprises!

Have you ever read any of Scholastic’s teaching articles? These are absolutely some of the best ideas you can read for PL and take back to your classroom. This particular article talks about completing reading workshop in an intermediate classroom. There are some great ideas here… check it out!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is trying to get fit. I’m not really concerned about losing weight (although I would like to lose about 10 lbs), but I do want to gain muscle and tone what I have. This pin links to a blog where she gives a lot of knowledge about how to supplement with Advocare products. I regularly use Spark, but I’m excited to add a few more things to hopefully jump start my muscle.

I like this idea of having a folder for each standard. I currently use binders, but these are becoming VERY bulky. Not only are they taking up a ton of room, but they don’t look so good on my shelf. I may try this VERY soon!

This is one of my pins for my Stitch Fix stylist. It is probably one of the most because scarves I’ve seen. I love the colors!
Am I the only one who changes their lesson plan format several times in a school year, or what? First I started off with the EC Teacher Planner. I will never spend the money on one of those again! Writing the same stuff over and over is over rated! I like how she has all her repeated activities typed in, and then leaves space to write in daily lesson plans. I stayed up late last night redoing mine. I’m TIRED of spending sooo much time on lesson plans. I feel like I spend more time worrying about getting all my lesson planning done rather than actually teaching.  
Here’s what I came up with! You can download it for FREE, but you will need to download the following fonts. You can even change it around a bit. Please use it if you can, but I don’t have time to change anything for you (sorry)!!! All I ask is that you leave a comment below showing some love if you love it and not post it on TpT for sale or free. Please don’t pass it off as your own… it’s not nice!
OR change them to what you wish 🙂
Click on the picture below to download 🙂

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