Friday, August 8, 2014

Favorite Pins Friday: Back to School

Hey y'all!  I guess you know what time it is!
This week in addition to my favorite five from this past week, I will be including a few pins for back to school that I plan on doing either on the first day or at open house.  I head back to work on Monday, and my students return on Friday.  We will see if I can keep this little blog up and running this school year... ha!

This year, I am going to focus a little more on having the students set goals in just about everything we do in class.  This is a great idea to carry that over to the entire class.

It doesn't get much better than free, and everything that Mary from Teaching with a Mountain View has is wonderful!  This is a skill that my students struggle with in fifth grade so any help is greatly appreciated!

Who doesn't struggle with those students who finish EVERYTHING early?  With reading, we always have something to work on in our binder, or we always have silent reading.  But, this is a quick and simple way to give your students alternate assignments besides the ones they always do.

I made these charts last year, but they were not as cute as these!  I'm not going to include everything that I did last year because I learned real quick that I just couldn't do everything the Daily 5 suggests. BUT, I am still going to use what works for me which you can find here.  I will definitely use the idea of these cute charts this year!

Our district went Google last year, and I'm sure there is SO much more than what I am using with it.  I honestly just haven't had the time to sit down and learn about it.  Hopefully this post will help me out... when I have time to read it!  LOL

Now for my Back to School Pins!  These are a few things I am hoping to use this year.  The pictures are pretty much self-explanatory.  The links are in the pics.

Is this not the cutest little brownie pencil?  I want to make this for my homeroom on our first day :)

 This pin is about having a student example of a binder system you will be using with your students.  I already have this put together.  One of my wonderful students donated hers last year.

I am really excited about this.  I am going to try hard this year to focus on the positive and send one good note home a week to my students.  There is nothing like getting a 'Good' note in the mail from your child's teacher.

What are your favorites from this past week?

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  1. EEEEK! Meet the teacher is around the corner again for me--thanks for pinning one of my blog posts:
    I also will have students set more goals for themselves! :)
    Have a great new school year!
    -Lovely Nina
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