Sunday, November 10, 2013

Peek at my Week Linky... for the first time!

Okay, so I've been DYING to link up with Dee Dee for her Peek at my Week Linky.  It was kind of difficult since I use an EC teacher planner (which just isn't me.)  I refused to give up the planner since I spent so much money on it.  Well, I did it!  I put it in my crate this week and decided to do things my way!

First of all, I teach 5th grade which is a lot different from most of the teachers who link up.  But, I just love looking at all the lesson plans and cute things they are doing in their classrooms.  Most of my plans are in words... sorry!  I did try to throw in a couple of pictures to make it interesting.

When looking at my plans you will see that we are doing a lot of things with close reading.  This is something I have just started to focus on, so it's kind of in the developmental stages.  Also, on Monday, my students will be presenting their story board research projects they have been working on the past two weeks.  This is something I have been totally impressed with and will include a post devoted to it as soon as the students finish them completely and present them to the class.  So far,  I am very impressed with how they have turned out.

So... here we go!  You can download the pdf file by clicking any of the files below.  The links to the products are below the files.

This week I used:

These plans were very time consuming, but I feel that I am ready for Monday!  I know exactly what I'm doing, what standards I'm covering, and what materials I will need.

Go ahead and link up with Dee Dee!

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