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Hey ya’ll!  I just wanted to stop in and let you know that before I create anything new… I will be revamping several of my older products.  My designing style and taste has changed so much from when I first started creating things.  I look back at some of my older products and laugh a little.  They look so horrible!  For example, this place value bundle is a GREAT addition to any classroom, but who would want to purchase it when it looks like this?

or this measurement one???
Again, very useful but not so pretty.

Anyways.. I will be working on that here and there.  I will also be correcting and updating my 4th grade math vocabulary file which is by far my best seller.

I also want to share that I went to School Girl Style and purchased some very cute pom poms for my classroom.

I already have some in my classroom, but I was needing to add a few above my desk and above my writing station.  I purchased my first ones from, but the shipping fee was over $10… really??  That was outrageous.  Plus, School Girl Style has a ton other colors to choose from.  Here are the ones I selected.

They were sold out of turquoise so we’ll have to see how Robin’s Egg looks.  My favorite colors are the ice blue and white.  I also got the 20″ Pom to go over my writing area.  I love how large it is!  I can’t wait to get these in and up in my classroom.  I said I wasn’t going back to my room until right before school starts but it looks like I’ll be going… maybe next week??
What are some classroom decorations that you are excited about for the upcoming year?

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