Thursday, May 9, 2013

{FREEBIE} Curriculum Binder Pages for School Year 2013-2014

Are you already planning for next year?  I know I am :)  Does anyone else feel silly for getting ready for a new school year before the current one is over?  Last summer, I decided to create a curriculum binder where I would store all things related to my lesson plans and pretty much anything else I would need to help me plan.  I offered the divider pages in my TpT shop for free.  Today, I have updated them for the upcoming school year. If you would like to learn more about my binder and watch a video where I explain it, click here.

This upcoming year, I have six designs to choose from.  This year, I had one basic black/white design that I printed on bright paper.

Curriculum Binder 2012-2013

Boring.... BLAH!

It worked for what I needed, but I decided that I would like a little color this upcoming year.  You have a few color choices and a few black/white choices as well as two different font choices.

Here's a preview of the binder pages as well as close ups of each design.

The cursive font is a free one called Xiomara and the cutesy one is KBLimeLight.  Both can be downloaded for free.
To get your free 114 page download, please visit my TpT shop.

I also have four of the designs available in a .ppt file so you can personalize and create custom titles using your own fonts.  These are also available for free by clicking here.

Here's what they look like.  Please read the directions in the TpT description carefully before printing.

Happy {ALMOST} Friday ;-)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your binders! I can't wait to start my summer project of organizing my common core materials!!!!

    1. Don't you just love summer projects? ;-)

  2. Your binders are adorable! Thanks for the freebie. I'm glad I found your blog! You have so many creative ideas. :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. Hi Terri!! I just finished student teaching and now I'm on the scary scary job hunting process! I'm trying to wrap my head around how I want to organize my classroom!


  4. Good Luck.. I'm trying to do the same thing six year in so it doesn't get any better! lol

  5. I noticed that you decided to go with the Erin Condren Planner. I made a binder much like the one you have here last year. I just finished watching the video you have posted on youtube about your binder. I also have always done my lesson plans with a custom template on the computer. I am just that you have your Erin Condren planner do you think it is going to replace your binder or will you use them for different things???


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