Sunday, February 10, 2013


I was given the wonderful opportunity to review the most wonderful pencil sharpener ever!

At first, I was like... How in the world does thing work?  How do I mount it?  How do I get it to stay on?  Well, once I figured it out (with the help of my wonderful custodian) I was in love and my students were in love.  It was love at first sharpen!  It is quiet, efficient, and it sharpens so nicely!  The point that this thing puts on the ends of pencils is amazing!  I love it, and I wish I would have had it a long time ago.  You see, I've had a battle with pencils sharpeners going on six years now.  What teacher hasn't??

The only thing that I wish was different was how the sharpener mounts.  It falls off all the time because my students use the sharpener and have the tendency to hold on to it.  I wish there was a more permanent way to mount it to a table or counter.  Other than that... I LOVE IT and would HIGHLY recommend that everyone go out and get them one.

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  1. I LOVE these sharpeners too! My mom got me two for Christmas - best Christmas gift ever for a teacher! I have one in the front of my room and one in the back on counters by trash cans. I ended up taking the mounting hardware off and just have my kids hold the metal part as they sharpen. That has worked well :)


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