Common Core ELA Vocabulary Cards & ‘I Can’ Statements

I tell ya right now!  These will be the death of me.  When I created these for 4th grade math, I didn’t know I would have people from all grade levels wanting them.  Which was fine… it was not bad at all.  Then, I had people also wanting the ELA as well for all grade levels.  Again, I don’t mind at all because!  I can’t even begin to explain just how much of a blessing TpT has been to my family.  The math cards are my #1 seller right now on TpT.  I FINALLY got around to printing my own set after having them for about 6 months.  I do have to say that THEY-ARE-ADORABLE!  I don’t have the ‘I Can’ yet because folks at my school have went a little crazy with the color toner and lamination.  ANYWAYS- I am writing all this to say this…

I AM SO SORRY THE ELA ARE NOT COMPLETE YET!  Ya’ll… life with two babies under the age of 3 is CRAZY.  I promised the cards with hopes that I would have ALL this free time in the summer.  Well, it didn’t happen.  It just didn’t.  I tried and tried, but every second of my time is consumed with my small ones.  And, I’m okay with that.. I just hope you all can be okay with that.  I am going to do the ELA, and I hope to have them ALL out by the end of December.  So, for my planning purpose and to answer all your questions about when your grade level is going to be available, I have created a schedule that I will keep… I promise!  So, check out your grade level and when the cards {vocab & ‘I can’} will be available in my TpT shop.  After these, I will not be taking any custom orders at this time.  Ya’ll, I miss creating things just for fun…

4th Grade: September 1
1st Grade: October 1
3rd Grade: November 1
2nd Grade: December 31
I’m assuming that these all will be out earlier than listed here.  These dates are the latest they will be available.  Once I complete the first set and see how long it will take, I will adjust the schedule accordingly.
Thank ya’ll for understanding.  It really means a lot.  Also, I’ve had a lot of people commenting that the definition font on the cards is difficult to read from afar.  After printing these off, I agree.  After the ELA cards are complete, I am going to update all the math files with two versions, the original and the new version with easy to read font.  Don’t worry, the ELA will come with both as well for those of you who are already using the current math version in your classroom.
We started school on Friday and this week is my first full week.  I am looking forward to this school year, and I can’t wait to implement and use all the adorable things I purchased off TpT today.  I hope ya’ll have a great week!
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    August 14, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    Well, Terri…
    If you ever get tired of the "younger grades," would you consider working on sixth grade materials?
    Just kidding.
    Not really…
    Those 4th grade "I can" cards are SOOO awesome!

    I'll keep watching TpT… and crossing my fingers…

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

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