Wednesday, May 2, 2012

HearAll Assessment Recorder & Giveaway


Hi there!  I was contacted by Learning Resources to review one of their products and write a review on my blog.  Not only have I had the joy of using this wonderful instrument in my classroom, but I get to give one away for {FREE}!  This produce retails around $99!!

So,.... I teach 4th grade math twice a day.  I use a guided math model which basically means that while I am working with a small group, my other students are working on other things.  As a busy teacher of 27 students in one class, there is no possible way I can see and hear everything.  The HearAll Assessment Recorder makes assessing students' understanding a breeze.

I was SUPER excited to get my LR box delivered to my door!  I immediately opened it to see the goodies they had sent me!  The HearAll is very light-weight yet seems to be very durable.  The best feature is that NO BATTERIES are required!  How awesome is that?  It comes with an USB cable that connects to your computer and charges the product.  The directions are easy to read and understand.  After playing with for about 10 minutes, I was able to figure out and use all its features.  Another great feature is that it can hold 60+ tracks... no matter how long they are!  When playing the tracks back, the quality of the sound is very good, and it does such a great job of omitting the background noises... amazing!

I used the HearAll for the first time with my students this past week.  They were working on solving division problems.  They were asked to solve the problem and discuss the steps as they were working.  Here are some pictures of the experience.  BTW- The students thought this was awesome!  It was like the new big thing.  Who would have thought that dividing could be so much fun?

Okay, so here's the FUN part!  One lucky winner will win this awesome tool for their classroom.  Here's what you have to do....
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will need to email me their address so Learning Resources can mail their HearAll Assessment Recorder.

Go check out Learning Resources for all their great products!

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