Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Math Vocabulary Freebie

Okay bloggy friends!  I said I would post some {FREE} things, and here's my first one!  You all know I love math vocabulary.  I think it is VERY important for students to understand and use the proper math vocabulary.  In fact, I am writing a literature review about math vocabulary strategies for my last research class for my Ed.S.

This is a great resource for helping your students with math vocabulary.  It uses strategies to help students remember the meaning of the words.  If you do not have a math word wall in your room.... M.A.K.E. O.N.E.!  My students refer to mine on a daily basis.  Some argue that it's giving them a crutch because it will not be there on the state test.  That is true, BUT they are exposed to these words over and over because they use them!  To me, that's most important!

Kid Friendly Standards Math

*Please note that I DID NOT create these.  I found them and think they are wonderful so now I am sharing with you!*

Enjoy these and I will post more {FREE} things soon!

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