Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Guided Math

I now have a Guided Math page on my blog where I will post all things guided math.  Right now, it just has links to my guided math series that I posted here.  In the near future, I am going to post files and things that I use during my Guided Math time {grouping poster, anecdotal notes file, etc}.  This summer, I will be conducting a guided math training {I am so nervous about this} to grades K-3 in my school.  This is my {VERY} first time conducting a professional development class.  I'm super excited and super nervous all at the same time.  Once I get the presentation complete, I will also have it posted on my Guided Math page.  Of course, I will always post on my regular page so you can be aware of anything new I've added.  I'm looking forward to sharing my ideas with you all!

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