Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Check out my latest lil' addition to TpT!
This packet comes with ten activities your students can complete (on their own :) using a 99 or 100 chart to strengthen their number sense.  Even as a 4th grade teacher, this is a skill that my students are very weak at!  This packet is now available in my TpT store.  You can also use these as a math center while you are teaching small group.  In addition to skill-based math centers, I always have a chart center so my students can stay sharp with number sense!  
{ONLY $3.50 $2.50 for 10 Math Center Activities}

On a brighter note... I found a lot of awesome files on my flash drive this evening!  I am looking forward to uploading these and having them available {FOR FREE} on my blog.  Hopefully I can work on this tomorrow because I really want to give my wonderful readers some really good {FREE} stuff!

BTW- I haven't posted a lot about what we are doing in class because I'm not in class!  I'm still on maternity leave, and have 5 more weeks left.  I am so enjoying my 12 weeks off!  So... my reasoning for this long story is that I am not the type of blogger who only posts about things she has for sale.  Nor do I want to become this person!  I just honestly do not have anything at my house {school related} to be excited about.  That's why I'm eager to get those {FREE} files up ASAP.

Okay, well I hear my sweet precious baby boy crying for a feeding!  
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