Monday, November 21, 2011

What Can I Do For You?

Hello, friends!
It's me again :)  I've missed the blogging world sooo much.  This semester of grad school has kicked my butt!  I am a wife, mother to a two year old boy, full-time teacher, and for some reason decided it would be a good idea to take three.. you read it.. three grad classes!  What was I thinking?  Anyways, I'm about to have a long break from grad school and am wanting to get in the creating spirit.  What are some things you guys would be interested in?  I'm wanting to try some new things for my TpT store.  I'm really wanting to make this into a part-time job for me.  Especially when I finish school in May.  I currently only teach 4th grade math and science, but I have been thinking about making some ELA/Reading things.  I do have a literature circle format that I used in my 5th grade classroom.  I'm thinking about making that up real cute.  I also create my own lesson plan book and was thinking about that as well.  I was thinking about actually making plan books and shipping them out.  What are some things you all would be interested in?  I can't wait to read your recommendations.

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