Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome to My Room!

Well, I missed out on the teacher week so here a few shots from around my classroom.  I am planning on adding more as soon as I have time :)

These first two photos are examples of my getting creative with my awkward classroom!  My room was an old science lab for the middle school.  I love the counter space my room has, but I do not love the SIX sinks I have!  So...  I placed a tub I purchased from Really Good Stuff in the sink, turned off the water from below and VIOLA!!  My very own 'stuff' holder!  lol  This area is actually from an island I have right in front of my calendar board.  I <3 it because the students can use the island as a table while working on their math calendars.  I have everything they need right at their finger tips!  Eventually, I'm going to take the faucet off completely!

Pens, pencils, & math books... oh my!

The island where students work on math calendar.  Please excuse the gas thingy... I hate those things!

One of my favorite places in my room.... my small group area!  BTW- I just love my wheasel!

This is a reward system I use for completing homework.  Each day the tables get a certain dollar amount deposited in their depositor if the entire table completes their homework.  I also use this on my math calendar for standard, expanded, & written notations.

My homework and upcoming events board.

These are my standards for math.  Highlighted means that we have already completed those standards in class, and the stars represent standards we are currently working on.

The front of my classroom

Computer work station

Thanks for looking around!  That's all for now.  I am looking forward to adding even more photos in the near future :)

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  1. Great Room! I love the red stools at the computers!


  2. Thanks, Lori. I made those ugly stools into something I could look at :) I actually got my nephew to paint them for me 2 years ago!

  3. Brilliant idea for the sink! Makes me want one. Ha, ha!

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  4. TRUST ME!! You don't want 6!! lol ;P

  5. Great ideas. Would you mind giving a few more details about how your homework reward system works? Thanks so much for all the great ideas!


  6. Wow - how nice! I especially like the homework and upcoming events station.

    Queen Bee
    On the Road to Accomplished Teaching

    1. Love your homework and upcoming events station. What did you to make your boxes?

    2. Thank you both! I used black painters tape! ha! I love that stuff.

  7. What kind of tape did you use to tape off the sections of the homework board?

  8. Colored painter's tape. It works great and comes of easily when you need it to!

  9. Love the homework board! Thanks for sharing!

    Terri T. Garrell

  10. How did you print your standards so big? Did you use a print shop? Love it


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