Friday, September 23, 2011

A Peek In My Week

I'm linking up with the Clutter-Free Classroom to give you a peek into my past week.  Nothing too exciting happened this week :(  We were just starting a new unit in science and math.  This unit in math {multi-digit multiplication} is one of the BORING ones.  There's not really much to do to make it entertaining.  We did, however, create a class array chart.  I assigned each student a product and they were responsible for using 1" grid paper to create as many arrays they could think of.  We then pasted them under the product they represented.  We only went to the product of 36 and did not include prime numbers.  This was fun because it gave me an opportunity to extend the lesson with my gifted students by discussing prime numbers even though it is not our standard.  It was nice to see all the arrays pasted on the butcher paper.  My favorite lesson was comparing the area model of multiplication to the partial products model of multiplication.  We used colored markers to show the similarities of equations and partial products in both models.  The students were A-mazed at how they were so different yet represented the same information.  On Monday, we are comparing three models: area, partial products, & traditional.  I'll have to take pictures of my arrays AND of my lesson on Monday to share next week! Also, we are making phases of the moon with Oreos... and oh so can't wait :)  This is going to be a FUN week ;) 

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  1. Have you ever tried using candies to make arrays? Hershey bars are great but starburst can be made into arrays more neatly. Something I did during my student teaching years ago. Just a thought to liven it up a bit! Excited to see the phases of the moon...mmmmm... oreos!

  2. I sooo just awarded you the Versatile Blogger award!! I love your blog and I hope you are having a wonderful year!

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