Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Performance Tasks

Something I am looking forward to next year (especially in science) is implementing performance tasks in the place of assessments on a regular basis. 
o Do I think students should only receive assessments in the form of a Performance Task?  No.
o Why?  Because students will still be required to pass the CRCT in science and should be exposed to those types of questions. 

But.... one grand idea is to offer a quiz in multiple choice format and the unit test as performance task format.  Another awesome thing about performance tasks is that they can be with any subject, any grade level.  On Monday, my students and I came together to create a rubric that I will use to grade the performance task.  This (sadly) was the first time the students and I had created an entire rubric together.  They loved it and so did I!  I like it because the students know exactly what I'm looking for because they are the ones who made it up :)  How clever!  It went really well, and today the students started the performance task. 

o Do I think it's worth the entire class period to let students create the rubric as a class?  You betcha!  Every second!

Here are some pics I took today while the students were working.

Our class rubric.  I leave it up so students can look at it.

I'm not sure if you can see, but at the bottom of the rubric we came up with a key to help them determine their grade.  The first column is 1 star which represents Does Not Meet.  The middle column are two stars which represents Meets.  The third and last column are three stars which represents Exceeds. 
Here is what that all means and what grade they will get.  We also came up with this together.
o If students get 5- three stars (exceeds) they will receive a 100.
o If students get 3 or 4- three stars (exceeds) they will receive a 90.
o If students get 5- two stars (meets) they will receive an 80.
o I students get 3 or 4- two starts (meets) they will receive a 70.
o If students get 3+ one stars (does not meet) they will receive a 60.

Illustration Component

Writing component of rubric.

o Do you use performance tasks in your classroom?  Next year, we are going to use Exemplars as our math performance tasks.

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  1. I use these in math and science and the kids love them! It truly shows what they know. I actually briefly show and/or discuss with students the performance task BEFORE or at the beginning if the unit. All of the students are excited and motivated to work towards this goal. Most are amazed and oh so proud of how far they've come at the end of the unit.


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