Saturday, May 28, 2011

Littlest Learners Linky Party

Littlest Learners is having linky party about summer to-do lists.  I am actually leaving next Saturday {1 week!!} to go to Destin, FL.  So, my to-do list for next week alone is pretty lengthy.  Get packed for the beach, get a pedicure, get my oil changed, get my SUV washed and detailed, and other minor things.  I do have some major things happening over the summer.  I am taking two classes for my gifted endorsement this summer which I will start the day I get back from the beach.  I also have a week-long Marilyn Burns workshop at the end of this month, and an Infinite Campus training at the end of July.  Today I actually got around to putting my winter clothes away and just having my summer out.  I have always had all my clothes in my closet at the same time.... why??  My closet is now so wonderful!  I really wish I would have started that a while ago.  The major thing I plan to do this summer is plan my first 20 days of guided math for when school returns.  I went to fabulous workshop and I'm just now getting into the details.... it is sooo wonderful!  I have also bought several professional development books I am currently reading.  I'm hoping to finish at least two before school start backs.  This will be interesting since I will already be in two classes.  One last to-do that I'm SUPER excited about is to build a deck.  That will be really nice.  Sorry, this is the last--- And hopefully, we can fulfill our plans to get pregnant with baby #2.  We've been trying for 6 months so I'm ready :)  I'm really not going to worry about anything this summer.  I plan on spending many, many days by the pool!

I know this is long, but sometimes it's nice to talk about non-teaching related things!
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  1. Have fun in Destin--I love it here--it's my home town.

    I am going to do the guided math model next year--I would love to see your plans for the 1st 20 days will you post things on your blog or teacher-pay-teacher site? Have fun here in sunny FL.

  2. I am oh so excited to be in Destin. I can't wait. We took my little boy last year, but he was only 10 months old. This year, he's almost two so it's going to be a blast!

    I started using the guided math model this year. I went to a conference and I was like.. "DUH! If you can do guided reading you can do guided math!" I am planning on a post sometime next week that details exactly how I do it in my classroom so be looking for that. A math coach named Kathy Spruiell was my inspiration. She has a wonderful website which has the first 20 days of guided math I was talking about. It's a pdf file. Her website is

    She is wonderful and you will find a lot of useful things there!

  3. I do that closet thing too! FINALLY have room in that closet! Let's follow each other and keep in touch!

  4. Wow! You have a TON planned! Good luck. I admire your ambition. :)

  5. Mrs. Coe- I'm a new follower! We'll see if all this gets done. My hopes are high :)

  6. I wish you taught first grade so we could get together about the first 20 days. In my district we all do a very structured first 20 days for reading block but not so much in math. I'm planning to do guided math next year too, so I'd love to hear more about how you get it started. I do hope you post more about it!
    F is For First Grade

  7. Melissa! Thanks so much. You can visit a website to download the exact same pdf file I'm using to model my first 20 days after. I've mentioned Kathy Spruiell before in my posts. She's wonderful. Her Website is In the left side, click on 'Guided Math MATERIALS'. There you will find the first 20 days download. I will be posting a new post about it since I 'sort of' have it planned!


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