Saturday, May 21, 2011

Goodbye Mrs. Thornton's Class of 2011!

Yesterday was bittersweet for me.  I said "good-bye" to some of the most adorable students.  This year was so challenging!  We had students from all walks of life.  Not to mention the adversities these students faced everyday outside of school.  We {the 4th grade team} all loved these kids and they knew it!  I just cried all day yesterday.  Never in my teaching life have I had 9 &10 year old tough boys cry because they didn't want the school year to be over.  It was by far the saddest farewell I've ever taken part in.  It really bothers me because I worry if these precious kids will get food, love, and attention over the summer.

God, be with these precious fragile children as they are at home this summer.  Place someone in their lives that will love them, care for them, and feed them.  In Jesus name...  ~Amen

On a happier note- we all made tie-dye t-shirts and they were oh so cute!  We ALL wore them Thursday :)

Did any of you have a difficult time or do you think you will have a difficult time telling your babies good bye?
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  1. WE finished last Friday and my fourth graders made me cry. I am going to miss them so much. They want me to move up with them to fifth (made me feel great!). This was my first year in fourth and absolutely LOVED it. Can't wait until next year, hoping it will be just as awesome.


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