Wednesday, April 13, 2011

YAY for my new design!

The awesome thing about it.... I made it all by myself!!  And it was FREE!!!  Don't get me wrong, I have been working on it for about an hour and half now.... but, that's okay because I paid nothing for it :)  I'm still working on it so excuse my mess while I work!

Well, our CRCT begins tomorrow.  As I was covering things and taking things down {as I was told to do}, I couldn't help but wonder about a few things.  And the more I wondered, the more frustrated I became.  As I was cutting paper and getting tape stuck to everything, I was thinking that in school {and in research} they stress about how the most productive environment for children are those that are inviting, kid-friendly, and conducive to learning.... here I was with either 1) stark walls, or if they weren't stark they were 2) covered with black or brown butcher paper.  How is this healthy for my students?  How can we expect them to be successful when everthing they have known for an entire school year is changed?  It was a time of severe frustration for me.  If I hear the word C-R-C-T one more time.... I'm gonna lose it!

Here's to happy testing.... and the beat goes on.

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