Saturday, April 9, 2011

Math Stations

During guided math, my students work in rotations.  One of my rotations consists of ten math stations that correlate to the standards for fourth grade.  I change the stations every   3-4 weeks.  The items I sell on Teachers Pay Teachers and many I put here are items I use for my stations.  If you would like more information about how I used stations and guided math in my classroom, message me. 
Here are the elements each station consists of:

Station 1: Vocabulary (vocabulary match game where students match definition to word, check their answer, then record words they need to work on.  Words are added before each new unit)

Station 2: Fluency (this is usually some type of card game that focus' on addition, subtraction, multiplication, or subtraction fluency)

Station 3: Number Sense (I use a lot of activities from the Singapore Math Series such as Ten-Frame cards and arrangements)

Station 4: Geometry (different activities related to geometry, solid figures)

Station 5: Measurement

Station 6: Decimals

Station 7: Data Analysis (students REALLY struggle with range, median and mode.  They always forget to put them in order FIRST!  We also use this station to work and practive coordinate planes)

Station 8: Problem Solving 

Station 9: Computation
Station 10: 99/100 Chart

Station 11: Fractions

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  1. Do you require students to complete each station everyday or do they have to complete all of them by the end of the week?


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