Thursday, April 7, 2011


As a first year teacher here were some goals I had for myself.....
  1. Obtain my Ed.S.
  2. Be Teacher of the Year {I know... kinda corny}
  3. Be in some type of teacher leader position
Now, as a fourth year teacher, here are some of my goals.... oh how they've changed!!
  1. Complete my Ed.S. {currently in my 2nd semester @ UGA}
  2. Publish something in a teaching journal --> I'm thinking maybe my current action research project
  3. Learn more about being a mentor teacher
  4. Get some work {any kind} published in an educational book
As I was SUPER excited about making my first earnings on TPT, I began thinking about where I was when I first started teaching, what my goals were, and how I've changed and grown as an educator these past four years.  I've come a long way and I want to go even farther.  I am currently working on an action research project, which I plan to publish here on my blog when it's complete.  I would like to eventually find a teaching journal that would publish it.  How great would that be!!

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